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Car Loans | Henley Beach, Mile End and Plympton

Buying a new car? We can help!

At Mortgage Choice Henley Beach, Mile End and Plympton, we understand there's nothing like the feeling of driving away in a car of your own - whether it's your first car, an upgrade to the family car or a new work vehicle.

As your mortgage broker, we give you access to a wide range of lenders all competing for your business. We can explain the options and help you decide which vehicle finance option is best suited to your needs - no matter whether you're buying through a dealer or private sale.

Car Buying Service | Henley Beach, Mile End and Plympton

No time to search for the right car yourself? Our car buying service gets you the right car at the right price, delivered to your door. Use our national buying power to get a great deal with no haggling & no hassles!  Watch our short video below to find out more.

How can we help you with your car loan?

  • Door-to-door car buying service
    We search a national network of car dealers to get the best deal, then deliver your new car to your door. We can even help you with the trade-in of your old vehicle.

  • Car loan pre-approval
    Make sure your finances are sorted before you start looking for your new car, so you can shop around with confidence.

  • Car loan refinancing
    If you're looking to save on your car loan, refinancing could be a beneficial option. Refinancing simply means taking out a new loan to replace your current loan.

  • Lease or buy?
    If you’re in the market for a new car, one of the key decisions is whether to buy or lease the vehicle.

  • Car loans for the self-employed
    A wide range of vehicle finance options are available to self-employed workers. The key is to determine which one best suits your needs and business cash flow.

  • 0% p.a. interest car finance?
    Offers of zero per cent p.a. interest on car finance may sound tempting, but it pays to read the fine print because deals that sound too good to be true usually come with hidden costs.

Ready to get started? Contact Darren Peters from Mortgage Choice Henley Beach on 0400 853 729. 

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