First Home Buyers

First Home Buyers. Entering the home market is daunting and regularly a scary place. Having that little bit of help on your side and knowing that you can rely on the expertise and assistance of that person is invaluable. At mortgage choice in Melbourne's Northern suburbs, we pride ourselves on being that assistance. We can guide you through the red tape of the banking and legal systems and be by your side until you own your first home.

First Home Owners Grant. The state revenue office has various means to assist first home owners and we can assist you in applying for the maximum grant that you can apply for. There is a grant of up to $20,000 for eligible buyers and we will help you get every cent you deserve.

Stamp duty concessions. First home owners are given further assistance from the state revenue office and we can assist you in being able to save potentially tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary stamp duty. We will walk you through the legal side of the purchase and with the assistance of our conveyancing partners, claim on your behalf the concessions that you deserve.


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