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August 14, 2013
David Scouller

It’s not worth the risk of overlooking personal insurance.

When it comes to personal risk insurances like income protection, total and permanent disability (TPD), critical illness an life insurance, we often assume it’ll never happen to me”.But, statistics suggest otherwise:

• In the next 24 hours, almost 5,000 Australians will be involved in a road accident. Around 550 will be injured. Four will die.

• One in three Australian women and aquarter of all men will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime.

What if something did happen?

We don’t think twice about insuring our house and car. But there’s something more valuable you may have overlooked. And that’s you. Your ability to earn a regular wage or salary is critical to your lifestyle. If anything happened to you, your family’sfinancial wellbeing could be drastically impacted. That is why personal risk insurancematters. It offers vital protection from thesethreats to you, your family and your way of life. Don’t leave it to chance

We can help you work out how much risk coveryou need, and how to top up your existing coverto enjoy priceless peace of mind

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