Sponsorship Challenge with Oakleigh Cricket club

January 12, 2017
Dean Phelan

For the last 10 plus years I have been a proud sponsor of the Oakleigh Cricket Club and this year in addition to my normal sponsorhip I decided to run a fitness challenge for the players to earn a player sponsorship from me as well.

The players had a chance to challenge for on a 4 minute time trial on the ergo machine down or a 1km time trial on the treadmill at Jetts in Oakleigh.

To earn the right to take me on they had to pay a $10 entry fee which went to the cub and if a player beat me in either challenge they earned themselves a $50 sponsorship. 

By the end of the evening, I'd managed to hold out everyone on the ergo machine but the young fella's went like greyhounds on the treadmill. 

The end total was about $500 in the club coffers and thankfully reputations remained in tact for all participants.




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