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Download your property e-guide | Mortgage Broker Carnegie

What are the steps to securing approval on your home loan? What incentives are available for first home buyers? What is a guarantor? These are all important questions for anyone considering a property purchase.

Our free e-guides from the Mortgage Broker Carnegie team aim to explain the answer to these questions and more. Download yours today!


Step-by-step Guide to Home Ownership

There are many steps involved in purchasing a property which can vary between residential and investment properties. This guide explains each step in order as well as what is involved at every stage of the purchasing process.

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Conveyancing Guide

This guide has been prepared to provide a general guide to the conveyancing process (i.e. the process for selling and buying real estate). 

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Guarantor guide

If you are thinking of using a guarantor or becoming one yourself, it's crucial to do your research. This guide walks you through the important considerations to think through.

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Refinancing guide

If you’re thinking about refinancing, this guide can help you learn more about the refinancing process, benefits and options available.

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Upgraders guide

This guide covers all the important aspects of deciding the next move. It's essential to evaluate all the financial options and costs involved in selling a current home and buying a new one.

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Property investor guide

If you are looking to invest in property or simply exploring the possibilities, this guide will help you navigate the steps involved to kickstart your property investment journey.

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Using Equity To Invest | Mortgage Broker Oakleigh

If you own your home chances are you’ve built up some equity. Equity can be used for many reasons that will be explored in this guide, and is a great way to start or help continue your journey in investing in property.

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MC Eguide Equity To Invest 255X360

Building or renovating guide

If you are considering building or renovating, this guide covers everything you need to know from financial considerations to the loan options that are available.

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Moving home checklist

Moving home may feel like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. This checklist walks through what to do in the lead up to a big move to make it as seamless and stress-free as possible.

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MC Factsheet 14 Moving House Checklist FA

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