Top 10 tips for successful investing

December 17, 2015
Rebecca Crommelin

Good luck has very little to do with good investing. Our top ten tips can help you make the right decisions with your investment strategy.

1. Don't try to second-guess markets

Share values reflect the view of millions of investors - out-smarting the market is virtually impossible. Aim to work with it instead. 

2. Speculating is not investing

Speculating involves concentrating large amounts of cash in a handful of stocks on the assumption their value will rise rapidly. Very few people consistently make money this way. 

3. Invest for the long term

Invest in quality assets, and any short term market dips should be outweighed by long term growth. 

4. Know what drives returns

Different types of investments have different levels of risk i.e. are more volatile. The higher the risk, the higher the return. However there is also a higher risk of experiencing a negative return. 


5. Diversify your investments

Spreading your money across different investments reduces portfolio risk and smooths out long term returns. 

6. Avoid market timing

Holding a diversified portfolio offers a far greater likelihood of healthy long term gains rather than trying to pick each year's winner. 

7. Don't let emotions cloud your thinking

Investing on the basis of emotions often leads to buying when prices are high and selling when prices fall - two steps that can significantly reduce long term returns. It makes more sense to develop a personal plan, and stick with it. 

8. Disregard medial headlines

News stories tend to focus on short term events, creating a distorted view of markets. Read the news, but don't let it form the basis of your long term plan. 


9. Be mindful of costs

Fees and charges will eat into your returns. Keep an eye on how much an investment is costing you. 

10. Focus on what you can control

None of us can control investment markets. Focus on what you can control - building a portfolio that reflects your personal goals.  

Expert advice can go a long way when deciding on an appropriate investment strategy. Our Financial Adviser will take into account your life stage and appetite for risk to develop an investment strategy that suits you. We'll make sure your strategy keeps up to date with your changing lifestyle and investment goals. 

If you have any concerns or want to review or discuss your investment strategy, don't wait - call our team today at Mortgage Choice Joondalup & Clarkson on (08) 9485 0090 so we can arrange a time to discuss. 


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