What if your investment loan interest rate has just risen?

September 02, 2015
Rebecca Crommelin

If you've seen any of the financial or political news lately, it's likely you have seen reports about the growth in the property market in Australia and the concerns about the pace in which it has been running in 2015. 

If you are an investment property owner you might be wondering - what's the fallout from these concerns and how does it affect you?

The Fallout

The concerns about the property market became so great recently that it led to the governing body for the Banks and Lenders in Australia (APRA) to intervene and force major policy changes at many of the banks and lenders across Australia recently. 

To put it simply, many banks and lenders had to quickly lower the amount of investment loans they hold in their overall lending portfolios. As a result, many have made some aggressive credit policy and pricing changes. 

How does it affect you...


These new changes are being applied to both new investment borrowers and existing investment home loan customers across Australia. So if you currently have an investment loan with a major bank like NAB or CBA, it is likely you will see an interest rate rise applied to your loan very soon. 

But here at Mortgage Choice Joondalup & Clarkson, I want to tell you that it's not all bad news for investment property owners in Australia. In fact, if you're smart and seek expert financial advice from our team of brokers, you might actually benefit from the recent bank and lender policy changes at a time when others are finding it hard to source investment loans. 

While many of the major lenders have been forced to lower the amount of investment loans in their overall lending portfolio, there are many other banks and lenders who are unaffected by APRA's regulation changes and are welcoming investment borrowers with open financial arms. Some are even offering special incentives and discounts for new investment borrowers. 

So, if you currently have an investment home loan or want to buy an investment property, wouldn't you like to know who has the lowest rate and who wants your home loan business?

With the property market in WA experiencing a slight dip and slow down, there couldn't be a better time for you to consider taking advantage of this and buying an investment property!

Watch our latest video for more on the investment loan changes and how we can help... 

There's always a financial solution if you know who the experts are to speak to. Our team of brokers at Mortgage Choice Joondalup & Clarkson have over 20 home loan lenders on our panel to choose from and we have finance options for all types of property buyers. 

So give us a call today at Mortgage Choice Joondalup & Clarkson on (08) 9485 0090, to see if we can save you money on your existing investment loan or help you source your new investment property from a lender that wants your business. 


Dennis Aplin,


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