A winter ready house

June 11, 2015
Samantha Korzeniewski

Enjoy the inside of your home

I love the feeling of being able to “rug up” and enjoy the cosy paradise of my home. Coming into the winter months, we have come up with a little list of reno’s that can make any house warm, for all types of budgets.

Update your window furnishings and incorporate a curtain with a heavy material/backing to stop heat escaping from your windows. Apparently up to 40% of your much needed heat escapes from your windows. Get creative and make your own!

Fireplaces are now trending with home builders, not only would this add a gorgeous atmosphere and warmth to your home, it can be a considerable investment adding value to your property. Of course you will need to check regulations for fire safety etc.

Make it look cosy and warm by throwing around some plush textured cushions, add a rug, blankets and throws on your couch, and warm lighting. You could even paint or wallpaper a feature wall to bring in some warm colours.

Under floor heating has become quite popular with the Aussie’s over the last few years. Some home owners are saying this is the only type of heating needed to keep them warm during the colder climate. Pricing can start from $800.

Insulation is the single most energy-efficient addition you can make to your home. Installing insulation to a newer home can pay for itself within a few years, not to mention the value it retains. Just make sure you call the professionals.

Getting in and completing renovations will not only save you from the boredom of winter...you may also break a sweat doing them. Have fun, and happy improving!

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