Where should I buy an Investment Property???

April 20, 2017
Samantha Korzeniewski

This could quite possibly be the “Million Dollar Question”

This is such a daunting question to ask yourself, and it all depends on what you actually want to achieve out of it. You may want strong growth and a great rental yield, or maybe you are looking for high rental demand, and above average weekly rental income? These are the questions only you can answer.

If you find a place that ticks all of the above features, you are kicking goals! Of course we can google, research, go to seminars, and watch the rental market like a Hawk… but at the end of the day we can never be 100% certain on what the market will do. However, I found the following to be quite interesting.

We did a little bit of research on ‘4 Bedroom Investment Properties’ (Houses) in Suburbs that may be fairly local to those of you reading this:

  • Ormeau
  • Logan Village
  • Beenleigh
  • Bahrs Scrub
  • Mount Warren
  • Holmview
  • Edens Landing
  • Eagleby

Here’s what we found, according to realestate.com.au

  • Beenleigh and Eagleby are the cheapest places to buy your investment property
  • Ormeau and Logan Village have the highest median rent weekly
  • Holmview and Eagleby have the highest cash flow monthly
  • Bahrs Scrub and Holmview have the highest annual growth
  • Holmview and Eagleby are equally the highest rental yield
  • And, Beenleigh and Mount Warren equally have a “High” rental demand.


Holmview definitely features a lot here for best Cash Flow, Annual Growth, and Rental Yield

Eagleby shows great results as well for the Cheapest buy, Cash Flow, and Rental Yield

Beenleigh is also great for Cheapest buy, and Rental Demand


Remember, this data was collected on a 4 bedroom house. Obviously there are many variations you could do such as: 3 bedroom house, 2 bedroom unit etc etc.

Here’s a link – have fun: http://www.realestate.com.au/invest


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