You CAN renovate your home

April 16, 2015
Samantha Korzeniewski

Renovate your home on a budget 

Deciding to renovate your home is exciting....but where to begin?

 Whether you need to increase your home loan, refinance your mortgage, or have saved the money yourself, allocating a budget will be key in your success. Here are a couple of tips the team here at Mortgage Choice in Ormeau have put together.

  • Don’t pay someone else to do a job you may be capable of. You may be handier than you think. If you have no experience what so ever start little, with things like painting, wallpapering, replacing handles and door knobs. Then assess what you need to pay a professional to complete for you.
  • Invest in some magazines and watch TV shows like the block, and Better Homes and Gardens. House and Garden, and Real living (magazines). These will help you decide on your style, give you inspiration and help you create a vision board with some budget conscious ideas.
  • Ask a mate or family to help out with labouring or if they have a special talent eg cabinet maker, electrician, painter etc. People are usually more than happy to offer their advice and or skills to a friend in exchange for a BBQ and few light refreshments of course.
  • Allow a buffer, more often than not during the course of renovating your home you will come across unexpected costs. Having a budget buffer can help with avoid a disappointing blow-out.

You can also have a quick look at renovation apps – these are good for budgeting, styling tips and planning. A lot of these are free, a great step towards renovating on a budget.

If you would like to know how much money you could potentially borrow on your home loan to get your renovations started, check out this calculator:

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