Celebrating 180 years in the Swan Valley

October 29, 2014
Donna Sims

The Swan Valley is currently celebrating its 180th anniversary as a wine making region and the development of our wineries over the past few years just shows how popular the area has become. Most commonly known for it’s wine, the Swan Valley is now a major tourist destination and many of its wineries have expanded to provide very high quality food and service to match.

John Griffiths, Faber Vineyard owner and Swan Valley and Regional Winemakers Association vice president, said that a large number of the 43 licensed wineries had reported big increases in visitors and sales in the past year. “What’s really taken off is the boutique wineries and they are doing very well” Mr Griffiths said.

Wineries that previously just offered wine tastings at their cellar door are now providing cooking classes, high teas, wedding venues and high quality food menus to attract an even wider population through their doors. 

Mandoon Estate general manager Travers O’Rafferty said that more and more people are becoming food orientated and don’t just go to his winery for wine tasting. The opening of their restaurant has definitely increased sales he said.

The Swan Valley anniversary celebrations will wrap up over the next couple of months, but to make the most of the celebrations, visit swanvalleywinemakers.com.au for more information.

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