Ellenbrook - It's still growing and fast!

September 22, 2014
Nathan Sims

Ellenbrook is one on Australia’s fastest growing suburbs, with average property prices growing 7.3% over the last 10 years. This growth doesn’t look like slowing, as the community further develops with the introduction of new sporting facilities and shopping centre upgrades.

New sporting facilities

The brand new, state of the art, Ellenbrook District Open Space has it’s first stage about to open in October. The northern half of the development has the capabilities to host 2 full size AFL grounds, 5 junior football ovals, 3 cricket fields and a community building with change rooms and a full range of facilities.

The southern part of the development, which is split from the northern by Cashman Avenue, is expected to be ready by April 2015. It will be home to soccer, lacrosse and touch football. 

The Ellenbrook District Open Space complex is expected to lift the community engagement and further enhance it’s prospects as one of Perth’s fastest growing communities.

Shopping centre development

Adding to the new sporting complexes development, the third and final stage of the main shopping centre at Ellenbrook is now due. Its will add to the already 30,000 sqm of shopping space and provide shoppers with more variety every time they walk through the doors.

If you would like to live the Ellenbrook lifestyle and make the most of these new developments, please give our expert mortgage brokers Steve or Nathan a call on (08) 6144 3230 and they can help arrange finance to get you into the Ellenbrook community.

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