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January 31, 2017


Our first two habits we discussed really are the foundations of an effective and successful structure to financial comfort. Habit #3 requires a lot more patience, plenty of hard work and some street smartness.

Your income is critical to financial success however you must find a balance between working for income and doing what you love. We spend a large amount of our woken hours at work yet I see so many people who are extremely miserable whilst at their place of employment. I get that some of us have no choice as to the profession or industry in which they work however I want to share a few tips which may tip your work attitude in a completely different way.

1) Adjust your mindset from 'I am doing the employer a favour by working for them' to 'I am grateful my employer has provided me a career and income'. This eliminates the us verses them mentality and fosters collectiveness and engagement. All my employers did me a great favour by providing a role within their business and then paying my family each month as gratitude for the wrok completed and value added.

2) Work/Life balance is a buzzword that is thrown around a lot these days. Most people I hear say it use the phrase as a mask or an excuse for their laziness. It has to be a give/give relationship between employee and employer. Don not expect the high income for little work. Don't get me wrong, you don't live to work however the most common denominator of successful, wealthy and comfortable people is their unconditional appetite to have a great attitude to attending work. They have gusto, they smile, are extremely passionate, are proud and they don't say 'thats not in my job description'.

3) The harder you work the luckier you get - you betcha! Employers love diligent, consistent and engaged staff. If you work for an employer that doesn't then its time to find an employer who does. You want to be seen as an asset to the business you work for and in the industry in which you are part of. PS - the harder you work, the quicker the day goes :)

4) Create a reputation - Whether you are an 18 yo retail worker or a 50 yo Doctor, you need to have a work attitude that exceeds your co workers, exceeds your employers expectation and surprises your customers in a positive way. You want to learn everything there is to know about your chosen field and then share that knowledge. You want to be indispensible. 

5) Try and find your 'I'm great at this'  place - We should all have an idea as to some of our strengths and weaknesses. In my case I was always pretty strong with numbers so finance was a place that would always compliment that asset. On the other hand I was a pretty ordinary woodworker and metalworker at school so I was always going to take a wide berth from these industries, otherwise I may have been one of those miserable employees referred to above. I love what I do!......hopefully you do too.

When you display the above qualities consistently then great things happen from a monetary sense. You might maximise your bonuses, be subject to retention bonuses, be offered equity in the business, achieve regular payrises, offered a higher package by a competitor or be part of an employee share plan.

By having the above attitude other things happen also. You will enjoy your job and as mentioned earlier we spend far too many hours at work for us to be unhappy. Give me the choice between say 50 hours of misery per week and 50 hours of positive client interaction and of course I am taking the latter. 

Successful people display all of the above attributes with discipline. 

From Dwayne Brittain | Wantirna & Knox

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