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Financial Planning Advice

Professional financial planning services in an easy to follow process!

Mortgage Choice Financial Planning in Brisbane's Bayside & the Redlands focus' on delivering exceptional financial advice through wealth creation and wealth protection strategies. 

We all like the idea of growing and protecting our wealth, although many people do not have the expertise and knowledge to do so. Your financial affairs can be a complex issue and seeking financial advice will ensure you receive expert advice tailored to your needs.  At Mortgage Choice Financial Planning we believe that no two investors are alike; which is why we go out of our way to provide a truly personalised service, where we create a unique and innovative solution that reflects your needs and objectives, timeframe, risk tolerance and investment preferences.

Whatever your needs may be, we are happy to help.  What really distinguishes us from the rest of the field is our strong commitment to client relationships. Our clients are generated through word of mouth, so our business is built on the premise of quality advice and mutual trust.

At Mortgage Choice Financial Planning in Brisbane's Bayside & the Redlands we can help you to:


"Providing peace of mind for the future"

Insurance is designed to help protect you and your family from financial hardship if a tragedy such as disability, injury or death were to occur.  It’s important to devise strategies to protect your family as unforeseen events do happen and insurance can protect your family’s financial future.


"Simplified Investing"

Investments can be as complex or as simple as you like; they can range from secure fixed interest products like a term deposit to higher risk/high return domestic or international equities through a managed fund. We will work with you to determine your risk profile and ascertain which asset classes are best suited to your investing profile.


"You don’t have to wait until your retired to think about your Super"

Our aim is to help you enjoy your retirement years. While retirement may seem light years away, there are many strategies to consider and you should think how you will provide for your retirement sooner, rather than later.

Whether you are 25 or 55, you should take control of your super and look at strategies to boost your balance. Why not make your super work for you, instead of working to grow your super.

Using effective investment strategies, retirement could be closer than you think. We will assist you to determine:

  • When you would like to retire
  • How many years of retirement you need to provide for
  • Your objectives in retirement
  • How much super you will need to accumulate to provide for the retirement income you desire


"Put your debt behind you"

The key to future financial security is budgeting and establishing a regular savings plan. Together we can analyse your current situation and identify areas for improvement. We will also look at ways we can help to reduce your debt and create a budget planner for you. This will allow you to have more control and understanding of where your money goes.

Want to know more about how we can help you with your financial planning? Feel free to contact our office, we are always happy to help answer any of your questions.

Phone (07) 3823 5858 or email sales.bayside@mortgagechoice.com.au

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