Financial Planning

For more than twenty years Mortgage Choice has given Australians
the right home loan advice. And now, the right financial advice too.

How insurance makes a difference

On a Sunday drive

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, John's working life was taken from him in the most violent of ways when he was involved in a horrific car crash.

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Losing a loved one

When Debbie* heard on a knock on the door, the last thing she expected was to learn her husband had passed away.

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During a ski holiday

After a skiing accident, Sally* required a knee reconstruction and was completely off her feet for three months.

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How we are different


Our transparent and consistent pricing structure tells you exactly what you’ll get for your money so you are always in control. No hidden fees… no surprises! We keep it simple and use jargon-free, plain language. Simply put - we do it differently!


Whether you have a single need or want a full financial plan, we'll help you work out the advice you need now – and we'll be there to help as your goals change in the future. It's relevant for everyone, no matter what's going on in your life or how much money you have.


Great advice is fantastic but only if it’s actually implemented – and then regularly reviewed so you can tick off those goals as you achieve them. Not only will we keep you on track to achieve your goals, we’ll help protect what you’re building along the way.