Debt help and advice

Debt is easy to build up and hard to pay off, but with expert help it can be done.

If your debt levels are rising, it’s time to take action!

Few things are more stressful than mounting debt, and if you’re juggling a range of debts chances are, a significant chunk of your cash is being eaten up by interest charges. It means less money for you to achieve your personal goals.

There is a solution. Debt is easy to build up and hard to pay off, but with expert help it can be done.

Your Mortgage Choice financial adviser is a money expert who can develop debt-reduction strategies tailored to your circumstances. It doesn’t have to mean living on next to nothing until you’ve made headway with debt – it’s all about smart use of your money.

Here's how we can help

Develop a plan of attack

Clearing your debts calls for a clear plan of action.

We start by looking at each of your debts to understand the rate you’re paying.  If you’re paying an over the top rate it’s a lot harder to clear the balance. We can help you refinance your debts or consolidate multiple balances into a single loan to save on interest costs.

It can free up more cash to help eliminate debt.

Review your budget for spare cash

We’ll work with you to develop a realistic budget. It can show where you are spending, where you can cutback, and where you can save by getting a better deal.

It all adds up to more money to reduce your debts.

A roadmap to become debt free

There is a range of options to dig your way out of debt, and we can crunch the numbers to determine which approach is most effective for you.

It’s not about throwing yourself into repayments, it’s about developing a smart plan. As a guide, we can list your debts according to the interest rate, help you concentrate on paying off those debts sitting at the top of the list, and guide you through the process of clearing each remaining debt. It’s a strategy that can deliver significant savings on interest costs.

Don’t be discouraged

If you’re facing unmanageable debt it can be easy to be discouraged by balances declining at a snail’s pace. Your Mortgage Choice Financial Adviser is like a money mentor who can keep you motivated. We’ll be there to help you stay on track.

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