How to find a financial adviser

Financial advice works best when you build a trusted, long term relationship with your adviser. That’s why it's important to make sure the adviser you choose is a good match for you.

What to look for in an adviser


It may sound simple, but it really is important to check the adviser you'll be working with is qualified enough to help you make decisions about your money.

You can check their history, qualifications and current employment status using the Money Smart Financial Advisers register, here. 

At Mortgage Choice, our advisers are passionate, qualified professionals. We apply stringent recruitment standards, and all of our financial advisers are required to meet specific educational standards and have solid financial planning experience.

In it for the long haul

A certainty in life is that it is always changing. As things change in your life, you need to be sure that the financial decisions you have made are still the right ones for your circumstances.

A good adviser will help you stay on top of any lifestyle or goal changes to evaluate opportunities for new strategies and investment options. The objective is to be able to provide you with the right advice, at the right time, so you can have more of the things you want today and in the future.

Do they have a good track record?

It pays to do your research on the adviser you are considering. Check their social media profiles for reviews and comments from customers. After all, happy customers tend to be a good sign that they know what they are doing, and are doing it well.

Ask for a copy of their Financial Services Guide (FSG)

Typically, the FSG will outline the following:

  • their Authorised Representative Number
  • the services that are on offer
  • how you will be charged, including any benefits the adviser receives
  • the ownership structure of the company the adviser works for
  • their Australian Financial Services licence (AFSL) number

What's a financial plan?

A financial plan helps you manage your money so you can have more freedom to live the kind of life you want, now, and in the future.
Watch this quick video to find out more.

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