Diversification – getting the right mix for your situation

You’ve probably heard the expression “never put all your eggs in one basket”. It sums up one of the ground rules of investing – the importance of spreading your money across different investments.
This process is known as “diversification”.

Successful investing is all about achieving the results you are aiming for – such as ticking future goals off your bucket list or enjoying your preferred lifestyle. Your Mortgage Choice financial adviser can help you select the mix of investments that helps you achieve your goals.

Why a blend of investments?

There are a range of investments available for you to invest in. It is important to remember that all investment markets move in cycles – enjoying periods of strong returns, followed by periods of low returns or even a dip in values.

The thing is, different investment markets don’t all move in the same way at the same time.

When one type of investment market is experiencing rising values, other investment markets may be going though cooler conditions.

By aiming for a mix of different investments, it’s possible to smooth out returns and reduce overall risk.

How to diversify

The selection of investments that is right for you will depend on a range of factors including your age, income, family situation, the length of time you want to invest your money over and your lifestyle. It will also hinge on how you feel about risk – and your personal goals.

Your Mortgage Choice financial adviser will work with you to understand what your financial needs and goals are. Based on this understanding, they can recommend a selection of investments from our approved product list that helps you achieve different goals, advising on the amount of money needed and the likely timeframe to invest to achieve those targets.

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