Critical illness insurance

There is a stroke every 10 minutes in Australia.1 How would you pay for large medical expenses if you had to fight a serious illness?

'Get Better' Insurance

We all know someone who has been suddenly diagnosed with cancer or has had a stroke. It’s estimated that almost one in two Australian adults aged 30-plus will experience a serious health condition like a stroke, heart attack or cancer2. It’s a scary thought.

Private health insurance, if you have it, may go part of the way to meeting your medical bills. But it won’t provide the funds needed to support your family, keep your home or provide a decent lifestyle for yourself and those you love.

Critical Illness or ‘Get Better’ Insurance pays an agreed lump sum if you suffer a listed serious illness or injury, for example a heart attack or cancer, where treatment can be lengthy and expensive. It helps cover the costs of getting well, such as medical treatments, surgery and rehabilitation therapies.

Having protection can keep your life on track while you deal with the process of recovery and can help you afford access to the specialists and specialised treatments you may need.

This insurance is the most claimed upon in Australia, and when you consider the average household cost of cancer is $47,0003 - cover starting from $1 a day seems very affordable.

1National Stroke Foundation 

2NATSEM, Health and Income in Australia, 2003 

3Cost of Cancer in NSW (April 2007) A Report by Access Economics Pty Ltd for the Cancer Council NSW

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