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Superannuation is money that will let you enjoy the time of your life when the time comes to retire, so take control of your super today!

Your superannuation is likely to be one of your most important financial assets, outside of your ability to earn an income or property, and it is designed specifically to provide you with money to live on in retirement.

The money you have in super is taxed at a rate which is generally lower than money you invest outside of super. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to invest your super money in a number of different assets, in the same way you can with your non-super money.

It’s your money and that’s why it makes sound financial sense to take control of your super today. A good place to start is to ensure the super fund you use suits your needs. Decisions on how your money is invested in super, as well as when and how much to contribute above any employer contributions, are all important.

The choices made in regards to your super today will affect the amount of funds you have available to enjoy life after work. So it’s never too early to start understanding how you can maximise your super in order to produce the results you want.

Your Mortgage Choice financial adviser can guide you through all the decisions you need to make with your super. By getting to know you – and what you want in the future, we can provide tailored advice, tracking your progress at every stage and helping you fine-tune your super strategy to achieve your goals.

The important thing is to start today!

  • Choosing a super fund that suits you
  • Contributing to your super
  • Deciding how your super is invested

What's special about super?

Superannuation is money that will let you enjoy the time of your life when the time comes to retire, so take control of your super today! There's a lot to love about super – it's your nest egg that is growing for the future. Best of all, it's your money and you have control over how it is invested at every stage.

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Things to consider

What’s so special about super?

Everything! During our working life, your employer makes contributions to your super fund. How easy is that? This money is invested in the way that you choose, giving your super savings the benefit of compounding investment returns – which means you can generate returns over time on your reinvested earnings.

Money for a rewarding retirement

When you retire, your super offers a source of cash to fund the lifestyle you want to lead in your retirement years, whether that be taking a world trip, renovating your home, exploring new hobbies or simply enjoying a relaxing lifestyle.

Super is tax-friendly

Money held in super is lightly taxed. This is a real plus because more of your money goes to work investing for your future. Super can also be a tax effective way to pay your life insurance premiums.

Pick your investment strategy

Just because your super is designed for retirement doesn't mean you don't have control over the money today. You can – and should, let your fund know how you'd like your super invested by nominating the investment strategy that suits your goals.

It’s worth choosing the fund that suits you

The vast majority of workers have the freedom to choose their own super fund, and it’s definitely something worth doing. It will help you keep track of your super and let you and your family enjoy the protection of a low cost life insurance strategy that has been tailored to meet your needs.

Consider adding a bit extra

You have the flexibility to add extra contributions to your super, and this is an easy way to grow your nest egg over time. Even small additional contributions can grow to something big by the time you retire.

We believe that every Australian has the right to home loan and financial advice they can trust and afford.

Our transparent and consistent pricing structure tells you exactly what you’ll get for your money so you are always in control. No hidden fees… no surprises!

How does a financial adviser get paid?


Whether you have a single need or want a full financial plan, we'll help you work out the advice you need now – and we'll be there to help as your goals change in the future.

It's relevant for everyone, no matter what's going on in your life or how much money you have.

Top tips for your life stage


Great advice is fantastic but only if it’s actually implemented – and then regularly reviewed so you can tick off those goals as you achieve them.

Not only will we keep you on track to achieve your goals, we’ll help protect what you’re building along the way.

What does a financial adviser do?


Planning your retirement

Planning to get there

Investing for retirement from an early stage lets you enjoy the benefit of compounding returns. It means your investments do more of the work for you. There are a number of straightforward ways to save for retirement, and it’s important to choose the option that best fits your lifestyle.

Work out what you need

Use our free calculator powered by Investfit (TM) to see what you could expect in your retirement and whether your current investment strategy is right for you.

Living the dream

One of the key challenges of retirement is making our money last the distance. Making plans today is the best way to ensure your nest egg lasts through a long and richly rewarding retirement.

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