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Looking for a car loan? 

Our team don't just do home loans, we also do car loans and can help get you a great deal on finance for your new vehicle. 

Top tips when buying a car
    Go beyond the interest rate

    Hidden fees may lurk behind that amazing low rate loan on paper from your dealership, so always read the Terms of the loan carefully and add up all the fees to get a true idea of overall loan costs. Fees to look out for include extra repayment fees, break costs and monthly charges.

    Loans that allow extra repayments? Yes please!

    Loans that allow you to pay extra on top of your monthly repayments are a great way to reduce the overall cost of the loan. Not all car loans let you do this so it's always good to check the fine print and see if extra charges and fees apply if you choose to make early repayments.

    Buy vs. Car Lease?

    There are many different pros and cons when choosing to lease a car instead of buying. There are many companies offering car leasing arrangements, so it can be worth checking out as an option. Read more here to decide if leasing a car is right for you.

    Check your credit history

    Like any loan process, lenders will check your credit history when you apply for a car loan. Remain on the front foot and find out your credit score beforehand because you can then take proactive steps to clear any debts or pay off your loans in time. Our team can help you check your credit history, so contact us for more information. 


No time to search for the right car yourself?

Try our door-to-door car buying service  

Our car buying service gets you the right car at the right price, delivered to your door. Use our national buying power to get a great deal with no haggling & no hassles! We search a national network of car dealers to get the best deal, then deliver your new car to your door.

We can even help you with the trade-in of your old vehicle.

Contact us today to get your car finance sorted.


We can also help you with

  • Car loan pre-approval
  • Car loan refinancing
  • Self-employed car loans


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