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Thank you to my customers who have offered the following testimonials - it makes me very proud to have been able to help you all!

Just wanted to contact you regarding our recent dealings with Adam Niewidok. As a client of Mortgage Choice for over 10 years, we once again have nothing but praise for the advice and service provided, on this occasion, by your Financial Planner, Adam Niewidok. We have had a number of meetings with Adam and find him very knowledgeable, helpful and patient when explaining important issues relating to our finances. We have no hesitation in recommending Adam to any prospective clients you may have.'
Regards John and Lyn

John and Lyn (Financial Planning) Barden Ridge, NSW

About 18 months ago my husband and I were coaxed by our then accountant to create a self-managed super fund – which we did. They then proceeded to recommend financial advisors to help us administer the Fund. Short story long … big mistake. My husband and I had already “interviewed” two of their recommended financial advisors and my gut feeling was telling me to run. There was no way in hell we were going to put all of our super and our financial future in their hands. There are far too many stories about people losing everything.

(I should mention that Tino (my husband) and I had put a deposit down on an “off the plan” unit out west – we were going to downsize and leave our two “twenty something” daughters in the house and have the next 25 years together, eating out, having fun and enjoying life – we were both 52).

So I began asking my friends and colleagues for recommendations for a really good financial advisor. Mortgage Choice was strongly recommended to me by a friend of more than 15 years. So, I rang and made an appointment. In January 2015, Tino (my husband) and I met with Adam Niewidok. My first question when I met Adam was “you’re young – how old are you?” (I’m fairly direct). We were impressed by Adam that day and my gut wasn’t telling me to run so we decided that we had found “our guy”. Adam met with us regularly those first few months and he encouraged us to organise our Wills, our Powers of Attorneys, our bank accounts, our Super investments, our personal insurances - none of which were in place! He really knocked us into shape – in the nicest possible way. He recommended George Boustani as our Mortgage Broker and he looked after our loan for the new unit. (George is very impressive too). That all took about four to five months, and we finished putting it all together – literally – on 17 June, 2015.

On 20 June 2015 my husband passed away unexpectedly in his sleep – yes, three days after we had finished putting everything in place! As you can imagine, my world as I knew it, fell apart.

I emailed Adam a couple of days later (still don’t remember so much from that time and I am only now getting my head back) to let him know that Tino had died. He rang me and, like everyone else in our lives, couldn’t believe what had happened. I was a basket case really. Anyway unbeknownst to me, during that first horrible week, Adam was already working for me and had informed our insurance company and started the wheels turning – you need people in your corner when life king hits you – I am so blessed that Adam is in mine.

I also need to thank Adam and George for coming to Tino’s funeral – they didn’t have to – but they did. That alone confirmed to me that I had the right team around me.

The process after someone dies is long and horrendous – really! There were so many things that had to be done, so many people that had to be informed – and for everything that Adam had set up, organised or knew about – he kept saying to me “leave that to me, I’ll look after it”.

Because of Adam our Wills were in place (just!) so of course I was named as Tino’s Executor and able to administer his will. That made things a lot easier (believe me everyone wants a copy of the will and the death certificate – everyone!) The longest process was, of course claiming on Tino’s life insurance, which had only been in place for days! (Yep, days!) I can’t emphasise enough just how much time and paperwork was needed to satisfy our insurers. The process took far too long – about five months in all – and without Adam I doubt the process would be finished even now. He and his team rang virtually daily to follow up on what was needed, or why things hadn’t been done – I really believe it became personal for Adam – he was so focussed on making sure I was going to be alright that he kept on going when others would have thrown their hands in the air and told me to look after it myself. He didn’t, and I know he never would. His hard work and persistence paid off and I was paid out - I am nowhere near rich, but can afford to live comfortably and if I continue to follow Adam’s advice I will be ok into the future.

Because I was fortunate enough to find Adam Niewidok, because my gut told me I had found the right guy, because he encouraged us to put everything in place, I have come out the other side of this tragedy – certainly not unscathed but certainly secure. I need to say that without Adam Niewidok becoming our financial advisor I strongly doubt that I would be in the secure financial position I am in now.

If you are reading this, you are looking for a Financial Advisor and I can promise you that you will not find a more caring, professional, pro-active financial advisor anywhere. He and his team are forthright and honest and actually care. They are my team and now he also looks after both my daughters as well. I know that he will guide them and help them create their own future. I know that when I go (hopefully many years from now – but who knows?) he will make sure they are ok and they know and trust him to help them through when I am no longer here.

This is the first time I have given a recommendation of this magnitude because I am not easy to impress. But I have faced a lot of “firsts” since my husband passed away and I feel so blessed that I found Adam and his team when I did. Good Luck everyone.

Lisa P (Financial Planning) Kogarah, NSW

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