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Holding a Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Planning and Finance), alongside 11 years experience as a Financial Adviser, I am well-equipped to service my clients’ financial planning needs.

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Every successful person has a coach or mentor, from sports people to people in business. There’s no reason why you can’t have one too.

I can work with you to help realise your financial possibilities and achieve your goals sooner while making sure your lifestyle is fully protected along the way.

Even if you’re pretty financially savvy… it's a rare person who wouldn't want an expert on hand to help you get ahead and make the most of your money – all while taking care of the grunt work! 

Professional Experience

Hi, I'm Deepak Bansal, your local financial adviser. Working in the industry for over 11 years, I am passionate about making your money work harder for you and building the financial stability for you to live life your way.

I can help you:

  • invest to build wealth for your future,
  • protect what is most important (your family, your health and your income)
  • ensure your superannuation is the most appropriate fund for you
  • help you to budget and save to achieve your financial goals
  • transition into a quality retirement and so much more!  

I have worked in 3 of the 4 major banks, and have met many people at different life stages. My passion is making sure that no matter what stage of life they’re at, they can live full and happy lives, not worrying about the what ifs.

Having a young family has also made me passionate about income and asset protection, so my clients can make sure that they, and their families, are covered should anything happen to income or health. I also specialise in retirement planning and age pension including navigating the Centrelink and Victorian government systems.

So feel free to book an appointment with me to have a friendly discussion about your finances, and your future goals. I would love to chat!

Professional qualifications

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Major Finance and Financial Planning)
  • Advanced Diploma of Business

Talk to me about:

  • Personal insurance

    Nobody wants to think about insurance until they actually need it… but by then it could be too late. I will review your current insurance strategy and determine whether it is appropriate, or if you are in need of further cover.

  • Investment planning & wealth creation

    I will help you identify personal goals you wish to achieve and understand how much risk you are comfortable with. We'll then build a portfolio of investments that are best suited to your goals.

  • Superannuation & rollover advice

    Super may be designed for retirement, but it's your money and you have complete control over it today. I'll help you discover super strategies to make sure you're making the most of this valuable resource.

  • Retirement planning

    We all look forward to hanging up our work boots, and a quality lifestyle in retirement is possible with a bit of forward planning. Together we'll look at strategies to make sure your nest egg lasts through retirement.

  • Cashflow coaching

    Managing your cashflow is key to a successful financial plan. You'll need money to fund your goals, as well as a road map that sets out how you can build the savings you need. My service combines expert advice with a personal cashflow management and budgeting solution - Mortgage Choice MoneyTrack - to keep you on the right financial track.

"Deepak has been my financial adviser for more than 5 years and I have found his professional approach to his work outstanding. He is a honest person who tells it as it is, which then allows you to make a balanced decision based on fact. I recommend Deepak to any person looking to get financial assistance as he will do this well, the bonus is he will become a good friend to you and your family."

Bruno Cinerari - Financial Planning
Diamond Creek, VIC

"After recently updating my personal portfolio, I found Deepak to be passionate about providing the best outcome for his clients with his friendly professional manner"

Adrian Denman - Financial Planning

"Deepak helped me review my super options and provided me great guidance in moving my super to a better more efficient super fund to help me set myself up for the future. His knowledge and experience was invaluable to me. I would recommend Deepak for anyone looking to improve their knowledge and super details."

Simon Topatig - Financial Planning
St Kilda, VIC

"Deepak is not only technically outstanding due to his academic and industry background he has that rare quality of engagement that provides clients and peers with well based confidence in his recommendations and solutions. A high achiever who is customer focused and this is reflected in the concrete relationship that he build with each of his clients and business partners. A true professional"

Stephen Briner - Financial Planning
Melbourne, VIC

"Deepak has been an integral part of getting our financial affairs in order for our growing family. He is open, honest, clear in his communications, knowledgable, available, polite, and he makes sure we understand everything we are doing."

Joanne Higham - Financial Planning
Melbourne, VIC

"I have recently dealt with Deepak as he assist me with my financial planning. Deepak displayed a complete customer focus by ensuring I was updated during the whole process via regular phone and email contact and he displayed an honest and trustworthy approach. I would have no hesitation in recommending Deepak to any prospective clients as I am sure they would also feel as I have, extremely satisfied!"

Jordan Papadopoulos - Financial Planning
Northcote, VIC

"We used Deepak to review our life insurances which we had previously set up with another financial adviser. Deepak asked us questions relating to our current financial position including our existing assets, liabilities and incomes and then recommended a level of insurance that met our requirements. We're very comfortable with what we now have in place and consider we're lucky we did not have to claim on our previous insurance because we were considerably under insured."

Peter Ruddock - Financial Planning
Blackburn, VIC

"I have recently engaged Deepak to assist myself and my wife with restructuring our personal superannuation policies. I have found him to be very professional in the manner that he went about completing our requirements. He is extremely knowledgeable and is very well qualified in what he does for his clients. He also has a great rapport with his clients and makes the process very easy and seamless. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a quality Financial Planner."

Graeme Andrew - Financial Planning

"Deepak and his Financial Planning team have worked with a number of clients of mine around Wealth Creation and Wealth Protection strategies. All of these clients have given me back glowing reports on the level of service they have rec'd. If you are looking for a professional to service the Financial Planning needs of your clients; Deepak is the man!!"

Mark Cleland - Financial Planning
Melbourne East, VIC

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