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Have you considered running your own self-managed super fund?

Many Australians have taken on the management of their superannuation. There are 597,000 Self Managed Super Funds holding $697 billion in assets, with more than 1.1 million Self Managed Super Fund members.

It's an option that works well for many, and if you are comfortable taking responsibility for your nest egg, a Self Managed Super Fund could be the right choice for you.

Running your own super fund offers you control of how your money is invested. But there are strict rules to follow, and this is an area where good advice is essential.

This is where we can help. We can assist you with the establishment and ongoing management of your Self Managed Super Fund and help you put in place the most appropriate strategy to suit your personal financial goals.

We can also assist you with understanding the benefits, obligations and responsibilities of managing your superannuation through a Self Managed Super Fund.

Is a Self Managed Super Fund right for me?

Self Managed Super Funds are not for everyone and you should think carefully before deciding to set one up. It is a major financial decision and you need to have the time and skills to do it. There may be better options for your super savings.

As you local Glenlelg Self Managed Super Funds experts, we can help you review your personal situation and provide you with advice on whether a Self Managed Super Fund is appropriate or not.

Self Managed Super Funds generally offer benefits like being able to invest in assets, or use certain strategies, that may not be available to you in other types of Super funds. Watch this quick video to find out more.

How do Self Managed Super Funds work?

Self Managed Super Funds work in much the same way as regular super funds. During your working life you and your employer make contributions to the fund. The money is invested so that over time you build a decent pool of savings for retirement.

Who can start a self-managed fund?

Just about anyone can establish a Self Managed Super Fund though there is a limit of up to four members per fund. There are various costs associated with setting up and running a Self Managed Super Fund so you’ll need sufficient money to make it worthwhile.

Valuable tax savings

Like all superannuation funds, Self Managed Super Funds benefit from generous tax concessions. Contributions to the fund plus the returns on the fund’s investments are all lightly taxed so more of your money goes to work for your retirement.

A flexible choice of investments

A Self Managed Super Fund can have some advantages in terms of the mix of investments - within legal guidelines, including direct property. You’ll need a written plan that shows how the fund is investing for the benefit of its members

A SMSF helps you save for retirement

One of the key rules of Self Managed Super Funds is that the fund can only be used to invest for retirement – you can’t normally access the money before reaching retirement age. 

Strict rules apply

Self Managed Super Funds must be run within strict guidelines. As each member of a Self Managed Super Fund is also a trustee, you are responsible for meeting those rules, and if you’re considering aS elf Managed Super Funds it’s essential to be aware of what’s involved. We can provide you with guidance on the rules and regulations to ensure you are compliant with managing your fund.

We're here to help

If you're interested in looking at whether a Self Managed Super Fund is right for you, we can help you set up your fund and put inplace a strategy to meet your financial goals. We'll also be here for you at every stage of your life.

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