Hobart Tasmania

Asking Price: $130,000

Approx. Trail Income: $62,000pa

Mortgage Choice Southern Tasmania has been trading successfully for the past 7 years. During that time there have been two owners with the current owner being in place since September 2016. The owner has decided to sell to focus on other business interests outside of the Mortgage Broking Industry.

There is definitely scope to grow this business. A dedicated principal with drive and energy could establish a very profitable business.
The business can effectively be run with the current structure and comfortably generate the level of revenue it has historically been achieving.
It is envisaged that the new owner would replace the principal and if required employ a Data Entry Assistant.

Marketing Support

You’ll benefit from:

  • Our corporate website plus your own customisable website – great for capturing online enquiries in your local area
  • Our active and well-managed social media presence, backed by investment in paid search
  • Extensive advertising campaigns spanning radio and television
  • A regular flow of relevant and topical media releases ensuring Mortgage Choice is regularly quoted in the media as a trusted authority on home loans
  • A custom built Marketing Hub for ordering marketing materials including branded merchandise and personalised communications tools
  • Email marketing systems, templates and guides to ensure regular communications with your prospects and customers

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Key suburbs

Hobart and Southern Tasmania

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What our Franchisees have to say

"Mortgage Choice and the brokers that make up the franchisee network, are in my opinion, the best in the industry. We have a close-knit community who support and help one another with all facets of the business."


Steven Dal Molin - Franchise Owner
Chatswood, NSW

"Over the past 12 years as a Mortgage Choice franchisee, I have built up my business feeling as if I am part of a team with tremendous support from I.T., marketing and brand. At each stage of growth, I have been able to rely on the experience of franchisees, the state office team and group office to make better choices for my business."


Caroline Jean-Baptiste - Franchise Owner
Fortitude Valley, QLD

"Almost 12 years with Mortgage Choice and I’m still so thankful each and every day that I made the switch. I work damn hard for everything the business returns. I have made a positive change to so many clients lives and my work life balance has been achieved. The constant change in our industry will ensure that our services are always valued by clients seeking clarity, sound advice and good customer service."


Tim Leonard - Franchise Owner
Bayside, VIC