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Register for our live webinar career information session and log in from any location around the world


Discover what a mortgage broker career involves and the support you will receive


Understand the process to start your mortgage broker career – and the qualifications you will need


Review case studies of successful mortgage brokers


Gather all the details you need to know if a mortgage broker career is right for you.

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Available Dates: Stay tuned for upcoming sessions!

Supporting our franchisees to build strong businesses

Wondering what it's like to be a part of Mortgage Choice and own your own Mortgage Choice franchise? Simply play the video to hear first-hand from our franchisees about how we empower our franchise network to build strong and vibrant businesses, and the points of difference that make us a unique brand with a unique proposition.

Be part of a dynamic industry

Demand for our services is high

When you plan to own your business, it's vital to select an industry with proven long term growth prospects. With over half of all home loans in Australia being written by mortgage brokers, mortgage broking and financial planning ticks all the boxes.

We're in a significant growth phase

Mortgage Choice is more than just home loans. By offering our customers a greater range of services - such as car loans, commercial lending and financial planning - we are building greater customer loyalty and expanding our revenue sources.

Our service is second to none

We have the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the industry, reflected in strong word of mouth and repeat business.

We write a home loan every 15 minutes

Since 1992 we have arranged more than $130 billion worth of home loans for over 400,000 loyal customers.

What makes us different?

Let's talk money

To answer the question "How do our customers know if we're really recommending the right home loan for their needs?", we need to talk about how a mortgage broker gets paid.

Our service is at no charge to our customers.

At Mortgage Choice, our home loan service is at no charge to our customers because the lenders pay us a commission on the loan on settlement. This doesn't affect the deal that our customers get from the lenders.

Mortgage Choice pays our brokers commission.

Mortgage Choice then pays a commission to the broker who settled the home loan.

And we pay the same rate of commission!

Different lenders pay different commission. Some pay more than others. But at Mortgage Choice we pay our brokers the same rate of commission, no matter which home loan the customer chooses from our panel of lenders.

That's not always the case.

With other mortgage brokers, that’s not always the case. Many of the major mortgage broking groups in Australia simply pass on the different rates of commission to their brokers.

Is every broker focused on the right outcome?

When our potential customers are thinking about using a mortgage broker, we prompt them to think about whether other brokers get paid more for recommending one lender over another.

Our customers' best interests at heart ...

At Mortgage Choice, we give our customers peace of mind that we have their best interests at heart as we provide them with expert advice at no cost to them.

Plenty of home loan choice

We offer our customers a wide range of choice, comparing hundreds of home loans from over 20 lenders, including the big 4 banks.

The right choice for our customers.

But at Mortgage Choice, the only choice that matters to us is the one that’s right for our customers.

What our Franchisees have to say

"Mortgage Choice and the brokers that make up the franchisee network, are in my opinion, the best in the industry. We have a close-knit community who support and help one another with all facets of the business."


Steven Dal Molin - Franchise Owner
Chatswood, NSW

"Over the past 12 years as a Mortgage Choice franchisee, I have built up my business feeling as if I am part of a team with tremendous support from I.T., marketing and brand. At each stage of growth, I have been able to rely on the experience of franchisees, the state office team and group office to make better choices for my business."


Caroline Jean-Baptiste - Franchise Owner
Fortitude Valley, QLD

"Almost 12 years with Mortgage Choice and I’m still so thankful each and every day that I made the switch. I work damn hard for everything the business returns. I have made a positive change to so many clients lives and my work life balance has been achieved. The constant change in our industry will ensure that our services are always valued by clients seeking clarity, sound advice and good customer service."


Tim Leonard - Franchise Owner
Bayside, VIC