Grow in confidence at a pace that suits you

We believe Mortgage Choice has the right steps in place to allow you to grow with confidence at the pace that’s right for you. Choose Mortgage Choice, and here’s what you can expect next.

Steps to success


Get to know us a little better

This booklet has probably given you a great overview, but you’re likely to have some questions specific to you. So the next step is a meeting with our Franchise Recruitment and Local Management teams where you can ask all the questions you need. 


Start where you want to be 

A franchise doesn’t necessarily mean opening up a storefront. You might choose to begin as a mobile broker and grow from there. With our support, we’ll help you develop your business plan, or as we like to call it Your Roadmap to Success. 


Join the Mortgage Choice family

Complete your accreditation, including the Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking, then apply to become a Mortgage Choice franchisee. Once that’s done you’ll sign your Franchise Agreement, which makes everything official. 


Kick-start your brand new business

Your 2-week induction at our Sydney Head Office is where you’ll be coached on delivering high-quality loan applications. Plus you’ll get the chance to connect with other new franchisees. It’s the perfect place to share ideas and learn from others.


Ready for business? 

Whether you’re setting up a storefront or going mobile, it’s time to kick things off. You’ll continue to receive ongoing support on loan submissions. And don’t forget to take advantage of your Rookie Marketing Support Startup package to help get your name out there.


 Keep striving to be better

The coaching and mentoring you;ll receive in the Accelerate Partnership Program is brilliant in helping build a thriving business across your first two years. At the same time, keeping on top of the tools in the Mortgage Choice Broker Platform along with lending regulations and other important updates is key (but don’t worry, we’ll also lend a hand with this).



Everyone’s ambitions are different, but it’s important to have goals. So whether yours is about moving from a mobile service to a storefront, or building a team, we’ll help you develop the right framework to keep working towards them.

Fast track your application and speak with a team member

Free Mortgage Choice franchise information pack

Download our free guide to find out more about how to become a Mortgage Choice franchise owner - including costs, benefits, criteria and how to get started.

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What our Franchisees have to say

"Mortgage Choice and the brokers that make up the franchisee network, are in my opinion, the best in the industry. We have a close-knit community who support and help one another with all facets of the business."


Steven Dal Molin - Franchise Owner
Chatswood, NSW

"Over the past 12 years as a Mortgage Choice franchisee, I have built up my business feeling as if I am part of a team with tremendous support from I.T., marketing and brand. At each stage of growth, I have been able to rely on the experience of franchisees, the state office team and group office to make better choices for my business."


Caroline Jean-Baptiste - Franchise Owner
Fortitude Valley, QLD

"Almost 12 years with Mortgage Choice and I’m still so thankful each and every day that I made the switch. I work damn hard for everything the business returns. I have made a positive change to so many clients lives and my work life balance has been achieved. The constant change in our industry will ensure that our services are always valued by clients seeking clarity, sound advice and good customer service."


Tim Leonard - Franchise Owner
Bayside, VIC