Day in the life: Sally Watson

Sally Watson is the principal of Mortgage Choice in Mornington Peninsula and she has been part of the franchise network for nine years.

Sally Watson is the principal of Mortgage Choice in Mornington Peninsula and she has been part of the franchise network for nine years. She is responsible for managing the business and helping local residents with their property goals. This is an insight into what Sally gets up to on an average day.

6:50 am – I am a morning a person so I like to get up early to take my dog for a walk around the local area. It's a great way for me to enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise done at the same time. I always feel energised, which is important when I have lots to do in the day ahead.

7:35 am – I return home to get ready for work and have breakfast. As I live and work in the local district, I do not have to commute far and I never feel rushed. It's fantastic!

9.00 am – I arrive at my office. In my business, I do my own administration work and there is always a lot to stay on top of. I spend the first part of the morning getting the administrative tasks out of the way. This includes checking my inbox for emails that have come through while I've been out of the office and responding to them. I also allocate time to brainstorm marketing ideas to increase brand awareness.

11.00 am – To give myself a rest from the perils of being desk-bound for much of the day, I like to leave the office and visit the local café to get my morning coffee. I am a big believer in supporting and networking with local businesses as this is a good way to generate referral business.

11:30 am – When I return to the office, I start to touch base with my customers to let them know how their home loan applications are progressing. I also take the time to answer any questions or alleviate any concerns they may have.

1:30 pm – I generally have my lunch a bit late in the day. That said, I usually eat at my desk, so I am still actively working, responding to emails etc.

2:00 pm – I follow up with leads that have come from group office, existing customers, referral partners or my local marketing activities. Today, one of the queries comes from a young female first home buyer who is interested in finding out her options for getting onto the property ladder. I talk her through her options at a high level and suggest that she should come in for an appointment so that we can look at her financial situation and her property goals in more detail.

4:30 pm - It's nearing 5pm, but my day is far from over. Over the coming couple of hours, I will have meetings with two different customers. As a mortgage broker, our days are never just nine-to –five. In most instances, my customers cannot see me throughout the working day because of their own work commitments. So, I always make sure I am available until 7pm to meet with customers who cannot meet me during the day.

5:00 pm – I meet my first customer, who is interested in buying an investment property in Melbourne.

6:00 pm – My next appointment is an older couple who want to know what's involved in going guarantor on their child's loan. Guarantor loans are definitely becoming more commonplace. With property prices rising across most markets, a lot of first home buyers (in particular) are finding it tough to save the deposit they need in order to buy a home. This is where their parents can help. By going guarantor on their child's loan, the parent effectively helps their child get on the property ladder sooner rather than later as the child no longer has to save the full 20% deposit. Of course, guarantor loans shouldn't be entered into lightly, which is why I think it is so important for me to meet with the parents as well as the child when organising this type of finance.

6:45 pm– After my meeting with my clients finish, I answer some more emails, do a quick clean up, and close the office. I can now enjoy the rest of the evening. <b/p>

7:00 pm – I get home and prepare dinner. When I finish eating, I like to spend the evening relaxing and de-stressing. I usually watch TV, catching up on the latest programs, or read a book. I'm part of a book club, which I absolutely love. It is so good to be able to read a good book and share your opinions on it with others.

11:30 pm – It's getting late, so it's time for bed and time for some quality rest so I am ready to get back to doing my job well tomorrow.