Success today, options for the future

Father and son duo – John and Daniel Meade, are sharing business growth today backed by a wealth of opportunities for tomorrow.

Father and son duo – John and Daniel Meade, are sharing business growth today backed by a wealth of opportunities for tomorrow.

Following a successful career spanning almost 40 years in the finance sector, John Meade invested in his Brisbane North Mortgage Choice franchise in 2015. Initially John operated the franchise from a home office. In June 2016 he opened a branded office in Geebung, at which point John's son Daniel came on board. By July 2017, John purchased an additional franchise, which is also operated from the Geebung office.

John explains, “I needed an extra set of hands in the office but only on a part-time basis. Daniel was studying at uni and working towards being a professional golfer at our local golf club. It may sound like a great job but it simply didn't provide the regular income Daniel needed, so it worked out well for both of us when Daniel started working for me.”

These days, John is at the helm of the business while Daniel keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes, working 20-25 hours each week inputting data for loan applications and managing digital marketing activities for both offices.

Eventually I'd like Daniel to take over

John has extensive experience managing employees in his previous roles but he's clearly relishing the opportunity to share each working week with his son. John explains, “As father and son we have very similar personalities. Daniel and I get on very well so it's definitely worked out well.”

The arrangement is proving successful for Daniel too. He and John have discussed the possibility of Daniel working in the business full-time when he completes his Bachelor of Business degree. “It's a progression,” says John. “In a few years I'll be looking at cutting back my working hours in the business, and eventually I'd like Daniel to take over.”

Even if Daniel decides to pursue a different career, the experience gained working in his dad's Mortgage Choice franchises will complement his academic qualifications.

Opportunities for the whole family

It turns out there is no shortage of Meade family members eager to enlarge John's team.

“I have another son who is also interested in coming into the business,” explains John. “And my wife is very keen to come on board in an administrative role.”

With John's franchises on a firm growth trajectory, it looks as though the entire Meade clan is set to enjoy shared success well into the future.