Franchisee support and training

At Mortgage Choice, we know that in order for our franchisees to establish and grow a strong business, they need the right tools and support.

As the franchisor, we provide the help you need to succeed on your journey, such as an exciting new tool that allows you to be more productive, centralised support by way of your own sales and credit coach and marketing support to help you build your own personal brand.

New technology
Over the last 12 months, we have developed and launched an exciting new piece of technology that allows our franchisees to be more efficient and create a better customer experience. The exciting new Broker Platform allows our brokers to write loans from a single point of entry, from lead through to submission in a single piece of software.

We know that starting your own business is not without its challenges, which is why we offer ongoing support in the form of a mentor. Based at the Mortgage Choice group office, your sales and credit coach will give you one-on-one guidance and support through home loan applications by tracking a loan from inquiry through to settlement, guide you through the new Broker Platform software and more.

You will also have access to dedicated state-based support in the form of a Franchise Business Manager who will help you formulate your own business plan and help you communicate with lenders should you need to expedite a loan.

Brand building
At Mortgage Choice, we believe that building and maintaining a strong brand plays a key part in business growth. You reap the benefits of our national marketing campaigns that help grow the Mortgage Choice brand across Australia cementing us as experts in all things home lending and financial advice.

Along with the above and at no extra cost, we provide you with a digital marketing program that allows you to keep in contact with your prospects, leads and customers, we build and host your own website to help you build your local marketing presence, provide you with professionally created videos, and additional marketing tools, guides and much more.

This brand building support allows you to focus on what matters most - helping your clients achieve their financial goals, growing your business while leveraging a nationally recognised brand.

If you can see yourself as a part of the Mortgage Choice brand and want the tools and support to succeed as a small business owner, give us a call today on 1300 650 330.

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