A healthier you = A wealthier you

May 22, 2017
Kathryn Coleman

As the temperatures finally start to fall and we head into ‘flu season’, maintaining your health has never been so important.

But keeping active and eating healthy doesn’t just provide positive physical and health benefits, it can also provide financial benefits as well.

Here are some monetary benefits associated with being healthy

Savings on health insurance

If you have a healthy mind and body you may be able to consider changing the type or level of cover. This could result in lower premiums and therefore saving money. Some health insurances also choose to reward their customers who keep active, by providing cover or rebates for wellness programs and gym memberships. 

Savings in medication

A healthy lifestyle means less trips to the doctor and the pharmacy.  Long term illnesses such as Heart disease, Diabetes and Stroke, can be somewhat prevented by ensuring adequate diet and exercise are incorporated into your daily lifestyle.

Savings on sick leave

Taking time off work will set you back in time and money regardless of whether you are self-employed or are an employee.  Contractor and Casuals won’t be paid for any days off sick. Time off normally means having to catch up on when you return to work and that’s no fun.  Keeping sick leave in reserve instead of having to waste it on minor cold and flu is another form of saving, giving you peace of mind.

Savings on Grocery Bills

Cooking at home rather than dining out will have the biggest impact on your wallet and your healthy lifestyle.  Meal planning and weekly grocery shopping is the best way to ensure you limit food waste, which is good for the budget and environment.  With a bit of focus or help from an online trainer you can have healthy simple meal plans at your fingertips

With all the money you can save, who knows what you could achieve.  Pay off your home loan sooner or start investing and on the path to financial freedom.


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