Fixed rate demand continues to climb

December 03, 2014
Michelle Wishart

An increasing number of borrowers are opting to fix their mortgage, with fixed rates hitting a nine month high in November.

According to the latest national home loan approval data from Mortgage Choice, fixed rate home loans accounted for 26.98% of all loans written in November – up from 26.64% recorded the month before.

While rates are currently sitting at all time lows, an increasing number of borrowers are looking for some certainty around their repayments.

A growing number of borrowers are beginning to realise that while rates are low, they can’t stay this way forever. And as such, they are looking to fix their mortgage now while rates are sitting at historically low levels.

AcrossAustralia, fixed rates were most popular in New South Wales, with this type of product accounting for more than one third (34.13%) of all loans written last month. Queensland wasn’t far behind, with fixed rates accounting for 28.65% of all loans written, while in South Australia,Victoria and Western Australia fixed rates made up 20.23%, 19.77% and 16.94% respectively.

But while the popularity of fixed rates continues to grow month on month, variable rates with an ongoing discount remain the favourite choice for borrowers.

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