Refinancing your Home Loan is a new beginning

April 14, 2017
Kathryn Coleman

Easter is a time of new beginnings...  Many home loan customers stay with the same institution for many years.  Sometimes it seems easier.  It seems too much hassle to change.  At Mortgage Choice we make the loan process seamless and hassle free.

With interest rates at record lows you could be missing out on some great home loan offers that could save you money.  Loyalty to an institution does not save you money.  Of course it is always prudent to ask your current lender for a better rate.

Booking a home loan health check is an obligation free meeting with a broker.  During this meeting we will show you what the competitors can offer.  You can either take this information back to your current lender as a bargaining tool or start fresh with a new refinanced loan. 

We have access to over 20 lenders and can show you a range of home loan packages from the "low rate - no frills" type loans to one with all the "bells and whistles"  Most importantly we will assess your current needs and circumstance and recommend a loan that is right for you.

So why not look at a new beginning this Easter.  Speak to Mortgage Choice Wynnum to arrange your home loan health check.  Refresh your "nest egg basket" with a refinanced home loan at a great rate that will help you to pay off your loan sooner and save you money.

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