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March 22, 2017
Kathryn Coleman


If you have been shopping at Wynnum Plaza recently you may have seen George Cremona, your local Mortgage Choice Broker.  George will be at the plaza on Fridays to offer expert advice to you about your home loan.  This advice and years of expertise comes at no cost to you.  No appointment necessary so make sure you come along and speak with George.

The Reserve Bank of Australia is keeping interest rates at an all-time low, however many of the lenders are raising their interest rates.  This is the time to be looking into refinancing and seeing what the banks/lenders have to offer.

You may want to save some money on the interest you pay and lower your repayments.  You might have some small debts leftover from Christmas or start of the school year you want to consolidate
You might have some equity in your home and want to top up your loan to pay for some rennovations or an overseas holiday.

What ever the reason, it pays to shop around, Mortgage Choice do the shopping around for you

With over 20 lenders on our panel, we can take the hassle out of researching the best interest rate and product suited for you.  We clarify the costs and the benefits and can recommend if it’s worth making the move

So remember Mortgage Choice Wynnum is now located at Wynnum Plaza on Friday and 70 Edith Street Wynnum Central Monday – Friday from 9am.  Pop in and say hi…Maybe offer George some lessons on taking selfies ;) 

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