Fire, Floods and Natural Disasters

February 04, 2014
Soula O'Meara

In view of the recent bushfires that have affected many Perth residences and homes, is it time to review your cover?

The Insurance Council of Australia estimates that nationally 4.1% of homes and 28% of contents are currently not insured.

With also an estimated one third of insured homes being underinsured by as much as 30%.

Could this be you?

The reason why is people tend to set and forgot, thinking they have the best or adequate coverage. A few things to consider are:

Have you made improvements to your home?

Building costs constantly increase!

Have you made new purchases lately such as electronics, furniture or whitegoods?

Have you reviewed your insurance within the last 2 years?

Take Action Now!

Check your policy for replacement dollar values! Will this cover your assets? Make sure to read the small print for any hidden surprises.

The ICA has a comprehensive calculator on their website to give consumers a guide of required insurance values

Shop around and obtain a number of quotes and consider alternatives like increasing the excess to reduce the premium.

Lastly inspect your home to make sure it is bushfire proof, you can also check your states fire services websites for guidelines on appropriate actions to take.



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