Is winter the time to defrost your home loan?

July 23, 2013
Robert Harney

Has your home loan been on ice, sitting stagnant for as long as you can remember? If it has, turn the heat up on your financial goals this winter by getting a home loan health check to assess your loan’s suitability to your current lifestyle and financial circumstances. 

This is the advice from Warrick Young, local Franchise Manager at Mortgage Choice Caloundra.

 “When you first took out your home loan, it may well have been perfectly suited to your needs – and it still could be today. But it is well worth considering reviewing your options to make sure you are getting a red hot deal that is matched to your current lifestyle and financial situation,

”Warrick said.“Keep in mind that if your circumstances have changed since taking out your loan, you may now be eligible for a different loan type, one that potentially has a lower interest rate, additional features and better facilities.

With low interest rates and increased competition between banks and other lenders, now is a good time to be actively seeking a better, well suited deal.

”To determine whether your home loan is in need of a health check this winter, Warrick  recommends asking yourself the following simple questions to get you started. If you answer ‘yes’ to any of them, it might be worthwhile re-assessing your current loan:

1: Do you know your home loan’s interest rate?

2:Have you just received a pay rise or bonus?

3: Have you recently moved from a single income to a double income?

4: Are you looking to extend your family?

5: Do you have plans to upsize or downsize?

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