Property market buoyed by investor demand

July 16, 2014
Robert Harney

Australian property investors continue to dominate the market, with the percentage of investors eclipsing 30 per cent.


According to new research conducted by Mortgage Choice, investors currently account for just over 30 per cent of all new loans written – significantly higher than the 27 per cent recorded just 12 months ago.


It is unsurprising to see a spike in investor activity, this type of buyer not only sees property as a lucrative investment, but as a way to future proof their wealth.


“In a recent First Time Investor survey respondents were asked what their key motivators were for buying an investment property and almost 78.9 per cent of Queensland respondents said they would purchase an investment property to set themselves up financially for the future,” Ms/Mr last name said. 


“In addition, 56.9 per cent of first time investors in QLD said they see more benefit in investments such as property, than they do in the share market.”


“This sentiment suggests people feel very confident about the Australian property market and believe there are many benefits associated with owning an investment property. In fact, 52.9 per cent of QLD respondents said buying an investment property would help them prepare for retirement.”

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