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Property e-guides from Mortgage Choice Ringwood

Our property e-guides have been created with you in mind! Our e-guides provide the first home owner, investor or refinancer more details into each process, strategies and a glossary for commonly used terms. 

And that's not all we've got! We have a range of resources we would love to share with you. Check out our simple property & finance videos, our range of mortgage calculators, our best interest rate comparison tool & loads of tips and hints on our blog. 

Step by step Guide to property ownership | Ringwood & Croydon

If you're just starting out on your home loan journey - this e-guide is for you! It covers the home loan process, things to think about and has loads of hints & tips for you. Download your own version from Mortgage Choice Ringwood! Find out more about our home loan service.

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Guide to Refinancing | Ringwood & Croydon

Refinancing is the process of moving your home loan to a different product with a different lender. Many people refinance to take advantage of a lower rate, better features or update their loan structure & terms. Find out more about the pros & cons of refinancing and if it might be for you. When you're ready to find out more, contact our team at Mortgage Choice Ringwood. Book a free Home Loan Health Check here.

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Guide to investing in property | Ringwood & Croydon

Investing in property is a big step, but a fantastic move to building wealth for yourself in the future. Well done! But there's lots to consider when spending your money on an investment property. Find out more with our e-guide from Mortgage Choice Ringwood. Find out more about our property investment service.

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Guide to buying your first home | Ringwood & Croydon

Congrats! You're ready to buy your first home - it's an exciting time. But you probably want to find out a bit more abou the process before we get started. Download our e-guide from Mortgage Choice Ringwood to find out more about the process, the different types of home loans and more! You might also be interested in doing some quick sums on our mortgage calculators here. 

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Guide to understanding Guarantors | Ringwood & Croydon

If you're a first home buyer and are struggling to save a full deposit - a 'guarantor' might be for you! It's a fantastic way to help you get into your first home faster. But who are guarantors and what's the risk (to them and you)? Download our e-guide on Understanding Guarantors from Mortgage Choice Ringwood to get started.

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Guide to buying your next home | Ringwood & Croydon

It's an exciting time when you're ready to move to a house that's bigger, closer to your work or just a bit nicer. There are lots more options available when your busines your next home - options outlined in this handy e-guide from Mortgage Choice Ringwood. Download yours today!

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Guide to Building a home | Ringwood & Croydon

Not only will building a new home give you access to the first home owners grant, but it's also a fantastic way to get exactly what you need for you and your family. When it comes to building there are some things you need to watch for! Download our free e-guide from Mortgage Choice Ringwood to find out more. 

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Guide to Conveyancing | Ringwood & Croydon

Conevyancing is a big part of the home loan process, and something that every home owner should understand before choosing your own conveyancer to help you through the process. This e-guide from Mortgage Choice Ringwood covers everything you need to know about conveyancing. 

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Moving home checklist

We helped you secure your finances, now let us help you with the move!

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Factsheet: Fixed vs variable home loan rates | Ringwood & Croydon

It's important to understand the difference between fixed and variable rates as they will help you choose the right lending scenario and product for your budget. Download our free factsheet on the difference, from our Mortgage Choice team in Ringwood and Croydon. Do some quick sums with our home loan calculators.

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Factsheet: The different home loan types | Ringwood & Croydon

Choosing the right home loan is important, and can be a tricky decision if you don't understand what makes each type different! Our team at Mortgage Choice in Ringwood & Croydon can help you understand more about the lender & home loan type that will suit you and your budget. In meantime, download our free factsheet on the different home loan types along with pros & cons of each.

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Factsheet: The costs of buying property | Ringwood & Croydon

When purchasing a home there are additional costs you need to consider on top of the purchase price. Use our factsheet from the Mortgage Choice team in Ringwood & Croydon to work out the total cost of your purchase and the loan amount you require. Do some quick sums with our calculators.

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