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August 07, 2016
Shae Aiello

If you’re looking for an experienced local real estate agent who knows the area, look no further than another business in our building at the Kingsley Professional Centre: Internet Realty.

Graeme Thompson and his team at Internet Realty have been operating in the Kingsley area since 1989 (which is a long time!), so among other things they have witnessed many ebbs and flows of the local property market, including the greatest property boom in the history of the country in the early 2000s.

Graeme Thompson is also an excellent photographer, and will make your house look beautiful when you list it.

Graeme Broad, one of our experienced finance brokers, used Graeme Thompson to sell his house a few years ago, and commented that “Graeme knew exactly how to make the most of my property”.

“When I saw it for sale online, I thought it must have been somebody else’s house! But he’d just picked the perfect angles and the perfect time of day. It looked stunning.”

“We’ve been working together, assisting each others’ clients for years, and I’m happy to recommend the services of Internet Realty to my clients.”

Internet Realty provides the full service you would expect from a real estate agent, but for a competitively low fee of 1.75% + GST.

So next time you’re thinking of selling your local property, definitely talk to the Team at Mortgage Choice in Kingsley first, but we recommend you then talk to Graeme Thompson at Internet Realty as well!

1300 134 353
Unit 1, 56 Creaney Drive, Kingsley

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