Cut your interest rate ahead of the Reserve Bank

September 12, 2016
Shae Aiello

Proactive homeowners are using mortgage brokers to find the best deal

Across the country, homeowners are making the most of the resources around them to ensure they have a competitive home loan interest rate.

Using the services of one of our experienced mortgage brokers can often be the best way of finding out what is available, and finding out about the tricks and tips that can be implemented to stay ahead of the curve.

Cut your own rate

Waiting for the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) to cut rates isn’t the only way to save on your home loan. For example:

  • Your current lender may not have given you their best deal;
  • There are probably new loan products that didn’t exist when you last checked; and
  • The RBA only deals in variable rates, but there may be a good fixed rate out there too!

Rates aren’t the only factor

You might see a great rate advertised, but the loan may come with fees and charges that mean it’s more expensive over the long term.

What makes a good deal can come down to quite a few different criteria, so it’s worth talking through your situation with a Mortgage Choice in Kingsley broker who has years of industry experience.

Using a mortgage broker is a no-brainer.

Given the complexity and variety of products, and the subtleties of your personal situation, doing the research yourself can take a lot of time and hassle. Even then, you may be missing something important.

Why tackle the problem yourself when you can use the leverage of one of our experienced mortgage brokers who can guide you in the right direction without it costing you a cent?

The Team at Mortgage Choice in Kingsley can help you figure all these things out, without charging you anything, and make sure you know that you’re getting the best deal for you.

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