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There's more to Randwick than the racecourse. Living in Randwick gives you access to city living, but with lots of wide open spaces. It's home to lots of young professionals  who travel to the city for work, healthcare workers who staff local hospitals, as well as those who have been in the area for decades. 

According to realestate.com.au while there are plenty of separate and semi-detached homes in the area, the bulk of the homes in Randwick are apartments - with a mix of converted federation homes, modern townhouses and a few apartment blocks.

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The Mortgage Broker Randwick team

Our team have been helping the local community with home loans for over 17 years, and are incredibly proud sponsors of the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation. We are passionate about the peace of mind we can bring to home buyers around Australia:

  • We have thousands of home loans, so you know you have access to a wide range.
  • Our expert mortgage brokers do the research FOR you, so you know we've found the right one.
  • We put together your application, so you have the best chance of being approved. We know how to structure your application and what to say.
  • We answer questions on your behalf and will negotiate directly with the lender for you.
  • We remind you when it's time to review your loan.

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The Mortgage Broker Randwick team provide our service for free to customers, as your bank will pay us a commission when your loan settles. As Mortgage Choice brokers, we earn the same commission regardless of the home loan you choose from our wide choice of lenders.

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The Mortgage Broker Randwick team have been helping the local community for over 17 years - we would love to help you too. Call the Mortgage Broker Randwick team on 02 9314 1413 to get started on your home loan.

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