Why get advice from a mortgage broker?

If the advice of a mortgage broker wasn’t needed, Mortgage Choice wouldn’t exist. But, we do exist – and for a few very good reasons.

Your mortgage broker needs to be up-to-speed with lenders’ ever-changing policies – not only where to find the best deals but which lender will accommodate your unique personal circumstances.

Package your loan application
Lenders are more selective about the level of risk to which they’ll expose themselves, so they’re looking for borrowers with genuine savings who can show discipline with their finances.

Lenders will scrutinise a borrower’s credit history with even seemingly insignificant late phone or credit card bill repayments potentially jeopardising a loan application.

Your mortgage broker will package your loan application to make sure you’re presented to lenders in the best possible light.

Get organised
Being disorganised in your finances could lead to a loan application being declined. If a lender needs more information during the loan application process, it’s important to respond to this immediately, otherwise the momentum can be lost. It can take time to get your loan application back on track. This is especially the case when refinancing or topping up a loan.

Your Mortgage Choice broker will work with you to pull together all the paperwork needed to support your loan application.

Finding opportunities to save
Opportunities to save money can come from anywhere.

There may be greater flexibility for customers who already do business with a particular lender – even if you only have something as simple as a credit card or transaction account.

Also, because your Mortgage Choice broker has such great relationships with the lenders, depending on a range of factors they may be able to negotiate a significant reduction on the interest rate, the waiving or reduction of fees, or some flexibility on the amount that can be borrowed.

These kinds of offers might only be available to mortgage broker clients, for a limited period of time, or for certain types of customers. And chances are they won’t be promoted on lenders’ TV commercials or on branch window posters.