Time to Refinance??

July 08, 2014
Joanne Davies

With the lowest rates in decades, is it time to refinance. When refinancing the aim is usually to take advantage of lower interest rates that are on offer and/or to extend the length of your loan. In return, lowering your monthly home loan repayment.

Here's some simple things to think about when considering refinancing

Weigh up the costs - Look out for exit/breakage fees, establishment costs, Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI), & Stamp Duty. Lenders are all unique and may have different costs for each of these, however some lenders may be happy to negotiate on these more than others.  

Shop around - Finding the best rate can be hard work, this is where it can be very advantageous to ask me to help you source the best rate and deals out there.  

Honeymoon rate - The lowest rate offered may not be the best. Make sure the rate is for the life of the loan and does not revert to a higher rate after a certain period.  

Product Selection - Some great rates offered are attached to certain products which can have restricted facilities that may not suit your situation. Eg no redraw or excess payments etc.  

Your reason for refinancing could be from consolidating debts, buying a new car, or completing renovations. No matter what the reason, chat to Mortgage Broker - Jo at Surfers Paradise who will take the stress out of it for you, and uncover the best options for you and your home loan.  

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