A change of pace could impact your cover

May 19, 2015
Jason Sibio

Now’s the time to check that your life cover is keeping up with your lifestyle.

Life insurance plays a pivotal role in your wealth creation plans, giving you and your family certainty that you won’t be exposed to financial hardship if the unthinkable happened.

Living a healthy lifestyle is one way to lessen the odds of having to make a claim on your personal insurances. In fact, lifestyle improvements not only benefit your wellbeing – it can also lower the premiums you pay on life cover.

That’s because the cost of life insurance is strongly linked to your personal health and lifestyle.

Sure, some factors can’t be changed, like your family’s health history. But the lifestyle choices we make for ourselves have a significant impact on the cost of life cover.

One of the single biggest lifestyle choices insurers consider is whether or not you smoke. Quitting or even cutting back can significantly reduce your risk of serious disease, and this in turn will lower your life insurance costs. Losing weight or embarking on an exercise program, could also see you rewarded with lower life cover premiums.

We realise that making lasting changes to your lifestyle isn’t always easy however it does pay rewards in terms of personal wellbeing. And if you have adopted some healthy habits this year - or kicked a few bad ones - it’s worth sharing the good news with your insurer.

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