A guide to refinancing

February 02, 2017
David Wilson

If there’s one financial product that has a key impact on our lives it’s our home loan...

It’s good to know that today’s home owners have the freedom to choose from a variety of lenders including the big banks, smaller banks, and even non-banks, with hundreds of home loans available. Even better, it has never been easier to switch from one loan to another in a process known as ‘refinancing’.

Our Refinancer Guide explains what refinancing involves, how to know if it’s the right move for you, and how it can put you ahead financially and help you achieve your goals. Along with clear explanations you’ll find plenty of useful hints and tips to help with your decision including: -

  • What is refinancing?
  • Reasons to consider refinancing
  • A look at the costs
  • How do I refinance?
  • Could it pay to stay?
  • How your Mortgage Choice broker can help
  • Jargon explained

If you’d like to know more about refinancing, or you feel you are ready to switch to a new loan, please call us on 03 9432 6070 or contact us online at the top of this page and discover how streamlined the process of refinancing can be.

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