Refinancing your home loan

October 30, 2012
David Wilson

Want to make sure your home loan is working for you? With so many new and different types of home loan products now available, we’d love to give you a helping hand.

And with interest rate uncertainty, it’s even more essential to get the loan that’s absolutely right for you. Our Home Loan Health Check is a good place to start.

Reasons why you may want to refinance:

  • To get peace of mind with a fixed rate, or to reduce your monthly payments
  • To consolidate credit cards, personal loans or other debts to reduce your interest rate and monthly repayments
  • To unlock the equity in your home to finance a renovation or free up some capital for property investment

Whatever your circumstances, it pays to talk to one of our specialist home loan brokers and get a complete Home Loan Health Check.

Your Mortgage Choice broker will start by getting an exact picture of your objectives and an understanding of your needs.

  • Are you refinancing to reduce your interest rate or to pay off your loan faster?
  • Are you looking to access the equity in your current property for renovating, to purchase an investment property or because you want to free up some extra cash?

Your broker will then use our unique Loan Qualifier software  to evaluate which loan from our panel of lenders is most suitable for you. In an hour or so we’ll compare and contrast hundreds of different loan products to help find one that’s right for you - whether it’s a new loan product or even your existing home loan.

To speed the process up, it’s best to bring as much documentation  as you can to your first meeting, like proof of income, bank, credit card and loan statements and personal identification.

So what are you waiting for? Make an appointment for a Home Loan Health Check today.

If you want to find out more about refinancing, check out our Refinance Home Loan Infographics.

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