First Home Owner Grant ACT

In the Australian Capital Territory, a First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) is available for properties valued at up to $750,000. As of 1 January 2017, ACT's FHOG has been reduced from $10,000 to $7,000.

Updated 10 July 2017

The First Home Owner Grant is funded entirely by the ACT State Government and is designed to help you purchase your first home. To be eligible for the $7,000 one-off grant, you will need to purchase a home that is either new or substantially renovated and the value must fall below the FHOG cap of $750,000

A new or substantially renovated home:

  • Has never been occupied or sold as a place of residence; or
  • A home that, as renovated, has not been previously occupied or sold as a place of residence; or
  • A property that has been purchased as an "off the plan" purchase agreement.

Their is also a requirement of residency for 12 months or at least 6 months for each applicant that must commence within 12 months of completion of the transaction of sale. For more information about the ACT First Home Owner Grant, go to the FHOG section of the ACT Revenue Office website.

Home Buyer Concession Scheme

In addition to the FHOG, you may also be eligibile for the Home Buyer Concession Scheme (HBCS). The HBCS allows a concession on Stamp Duty if you purchase a new home or a block of vacant residential land. As of 7 June 2017 a substantially renovated home is no longer eligible for the HBCS. The following property thresholds apply to new residential homes purchased between 7 June 2017 and 31 December 2017 if the gross income threshold of all applicants over the full financial year before the transaction date is less or equal to the relevant total gross income threshold:

  • $20 concessional duty payable on new homes to the value of $470,000 or vacant land to the value of $281,200 or less
  • $13.05 for each $100 or part thereof by which the dutiable value exceeds $470,000 but less than $607,000 for new homes ($20 minimum duty)
  • $13.5 for each $100 or part thereof by which the dutiable value exceeds $281,2000 but less than $329,500 for vacant land ($20 minimum duty)
  • No concessions for new homes with a dutiable value of more than $607,000 or for vacant land worth $329,500 or more

For more information, see the HBCS section of the ACT Revenue Office website. 

First home owner grant questionnaire

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Applying for the
First Home Owner Grant


In most cases

the lenders are able to act as agents for the Revenue Office.


This allows the First Home Owner Grant funds

to be available at settlement or at the first progress payment if you are building your home.


If you apply directly to the Revenue Office,

funds will not be available until after settlement or completion of the home if you are building.

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