Tips and tools

Buying a property for the first time can be an exciting but confusing process, so we’ve put together some tips and tools to help you through.

Planning your budget


Write down everything you spend over a couple of months/weeks, so you can learn exactly where your money is going (e.g. rent, mobile, Foxtel, electricity, gas, car running costs, groceries, gifts, clothes, insurance etc). Be honest - and factor in some 'fat' for those unexpected expenses.

When that's done, plug it all into the Mortgage Choice Budget Planner and you'll have a pretty easy tool to capture your personal budget.

Once you've finalised your budget, check your bank records and reflect on your strategy regularly to make sure you're meeting your financial goals.


Budget Planner


Download the Budget Planner

Download home buyer guides

First Home Buyer Guide

This guide will walk you through all of the steps involved in the buying process from financial planning/budgeting and the loan application process through to settlement, as well as tips to pay off your mortgage sooner.

Download PDF

Step-by-step guide to property ownership

This guide explains each step in order as well as what is involved at every stage of the purchasing process.

Download PDF

Mortgage Choice conveyancing guide

The Guide outlines the basic systems that apply throughout the country and what is legally involved in buying real estate. Note that the Guide provides general information only and is not a substitute for legal advice. You are advised to read the Disclaimer on page i of the Guide.

Download PDF

Co-ownership Guide – home buyers and investors

In this guide, find out how to buy your home together as co-owners / tenants in common.

Download PDF

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