Online home loans through Mortgage Choice's Propel

With so many of us strapped for time, Propel takes the hassle out of applying for a loan and the uncertainty that comes with waiting times, giving you a verified home loan approval in just 15 minutes1.

Page updated March 2021

Delivering hassle free online home loans with a verified approval in 15 minutes!1

Propel offers a tailored solution, catered to each individual. Unlike traditional banks and lenders, they understand that everyone is different!

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Talk to a broker today to find out if Propel is right for you!

Why choose Propel home loans?

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    Rapid approvals

    A verified approval in around 15 minutes1 to take the stress out of going to auction.

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    Tailored loans

    Each Propel home loan is tailored to fit each individual’s needs 

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    Fast refinances

    Using Title Insurance3 there is no need to wait for your existing lender to process the discharge, giving you access to additional funds and a sharp interest rate in days not weeks.

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    A completely online digital product

    including 100% off-set account and an unlimited redraw facility!

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    Personalised rates

    To reflect each individual’s unique circumstances2

Mortgage Choice Propel FAQs

The time it takes to get a home loan can generally be around 4-8 weeks in total. You can understand each step of the home loan process in our step by step guide here.

Of course, the process can vary based on your individual circumstances, and in some cases, such as with Mortgage Choice Propel home loans you could get a home loan within days not weeks.

Each bank will have different processing times when it comes to getting a home loan approval. It can generally take 5-8 days to receive an unconditional (full) approval, although depending on your situation this could be longer.

With Mortgage Choice Propel home loans you may be able to receive a verified approval within 15 minutes.

To increase the chance and make it easier for you to get approved for a mortgage, the following tips can help:

  • Review your credit report and ensure it is in good shape
  • Reduce unused credit card limits and other debts to a reasonable level.
  • Have a savings history when providing proof of deposit.
  • Don’t apply with too many lenders as this can affect your credit score, using a Mortgage broker can help avoid this by comparing thousands of loans with multiple lenders prior to putting the application through.
  • Avoid any career moves as generally lenders prefer to see you have been with the same employer for at least 6 months.