Depreciation is a valuable tax advantage of property investment. Unlike many of the costs relating to your rental property, which require you to spend cash to secure a deduction, depreciation can be claimed with no cash outlay.

What can you claim?

Two main types of depreciation can be claimed. The first applies to fittings and fixtures like stoves, hot water heaters, light fittings and carpets. The second relates to depreciation of the building itself. If your property was constructed between 1985 and 1987, the building cost can be depreciated by 4% annually.

Those built after 1987 can be depreciated at 2.5% each year. Have a look at for a list of rates and effective life of depreciable items.

Depreciation is an area where it pays to get professional assistance. A quantity surveyor can inspect your rental property and draft a complete depreciation schedule that ensures you are neither missing out on depreciation deductions nor overstating your claim (which could result in tax penalties). Trying to estimate your own depreciation charge could leave you facing tax penalties if you get the figures wrong.

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